When Words Fail

A couple of months ago our family pet, a really nice guinea pig named Boomer, died. I wanted to write a song to remember him by that captures not only the feelings of sadness and loss that I experienced at his passing, but also the happiness he brought to our family while he was alive. This song tries to tell that story. The hardest part was actually coming up with a name for the song. I couldn’t think of how to express all the feelings in a few short words that would make a good title so I decided to call the song ‘When Words Fail’.


Get a copy of the sheet music. It’s free but a small sponsorship is appreciated and will help pay for my music education. Thank you.


When Words Fail is set in the key of G minor and has an ABA form. The A theme consists of three distinct parts, all of which express the sense of loss. The first part is quiet and distant, while the second is soulful and sad. A dark and dramatic part then rounds out the A theme. The B theme, in contrast, is much more joyful overall than the A theme and evokes memories of happier days. An intense, dramatic, and powerful coda then bring the piece to it’s conclusion.

Is there a song that makes you think of a beloved former pet? If so, please share the song and why you like it in the comments section below.


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