Six Miniatures for Clarinet

This is my first composition for the clarinet. Here, the goal was to write six short melodies that, while exploring a range of clarinet technical capabilities and sounds, were still simple enough for even a young person to enjoy. As with my first bassoon composition, I tapped the skills of a local professional clarinetist for feedback and performing expertise. You can listen to the results in the accompanying video.


Get a copy of the sheet music. It’s free but a small sponsorship is appreciated and will help pay for my music education. Thank you.


The first miniature is titled ‘Carnival’. It is a fast, lighthearted piece in E flat major with a time signature of 4/4. The second miniature is named ‘Ladybug’. It is stately and confidant in some parts and lyrical in others. It has a key signature of C major and a 2/4 time signature. The 3rd miniature is called ‘The Wind’. It is very fast, swooping and soaring, much like the wind itself. The song is in the key of A fat and has a 6/8 time signature. The 4th miniature is called ‘Summer’s Song’ and it is a very lyrical and melodic piece. It is in the key of B flat major and has time signature of 4/4. The 5th miniature is titled ‘The Haunted House’. it is a slow, spooky piece in the key of E minor and it has a time signature of 4/4. The last miniature is named ‘Running Around’. It is a very fast, very exciting piece that is in the key of G major and has a time signature of 4/4. The last piece provides a great explosive finish to the song.

Do you think the titles of each miniature match the music? And which miniature is your favorite? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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