It Gets Better

When I started writing this song, I wanted to convey a sense of sadness. I never intended for it to be a message of hope and inspiration. However, that was the strong feeling I got when I listened to the completed melody. For that reason, I decided to call this song ‘It Gets Better’.

This piece is set in the key of F minor with the time signature being 4/4. It has an ABABAB form with the A theme being rather melancholy. In contrast, the B theme is majestic and hopeful. The last cord closes out the piece in F major.


Get a copy of the sheet music. It’s free but a small sponsorship is appreciated and will help pay for my music education. Thank you.


If you are a composer, did you ever set out to write a song that conveyed one emotion but ended up with a completely different result? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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