Christmas in Outer Space

Every year, my parents encourage me and my brothers and sister to create and perform a Christmas or Winter themed family music video. For this year’s song, my younger brother Anthony came up with an interesting idea about what it would be like to celebrate Christmas on the Moon. After a few iterations, the story expanded to include the entire galaxy. Once we were satisfied with the lyrics, I came up with a melody and the song ‘Christmas in Outer Space’ was born.


Get a copy of the sheet music. It’s free but a small sponsorship is appreciated and will help pay for my music education. Thank you.


Christmas in Outer Space has a lively melody and is set in D major.The time signature of the song is 4/4 and the form is a standard intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/chorus often used in contemporary radio music.

Do you have a favorite extraterrestrial themed song? If so, please share in the comments section below.

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